Information May 2021

Dear Russian children and friends

When our association was founded, one of its aims was to represent the interests of Russian children, which of course includes the image of our public appearance.
We had already referred to it several times, written a statement, it had become quieter for a while, now there are more inquiries about the study on occupation children by the University of Leipzig and its statements.
Here is our statement once again:
A short summary of our criticism:
1. the data basis of Glaesmer and Kaiser, the two authors of the study, is just 0.07%, i.e. not even a tenth of a percentage point, for an estimated 200,000 occupation children. This is simply too low to make a halfway reliable statement.
2) Figures have been manipulated.
3. a number of statements were made that were not backed up or even proven.
The central statement - children of the occupation were psychologically much more damaged than the normal population.
Since it was made without evidence, this is an insult and disparagement of occupation children.
The fact that a few Russian children take part in this is difficult to understand.
The media are picking it up again. A keyword or two entered into a search engine, results appear that show the realities. And realistic reporting is what viewers and readers want.
Many affected people have asked us to take action against this and to take a stand.
Every Russian child has contributed its share to the development, first of the divided and now united country. Such disparagement damages our reputation. It also harms our efforts to courageously go in search of father and his family.
Whatever happens, we keep our heads up. We are to be reckoned with further on this issue.

Another significant anniversary is coming up. It is 22 June. On this day 80 years ago, Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union. It was the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, which ended with the downfall of the aggressor on 8 May 1945. This victory was the basis for us, the Russian children, to be born.

Sincere greetings
Anatoly Rothe

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