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22 June 2021 - 80 years ago, Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union.

Russian Children!

This term will bring back certain memories in the elder. The ones discussed here, are the children of the members of the Soviet Army.

Our pages try to throw light on

- the children, meaning the ”Russian children”, us

- our mothers, who gave birth to us and whom we grant our life

- our fathers, who served in the Red Arms, later the Soviet troops

- the circumstances, playing a vital role for us

We provide information that could help those concerned to find their fathers and their families.

We realize that much time has passed since that time and that much cannot be resolved anymore. Nevertheless, we feel that one should at least give it a try.

Be brave! Try it!

It turns out that it is worth it. One can only win: a new family may be waiting for you; you’ll get to know your roots. It could also happen that your children or grandchildren ask about it.

We also think of the connections between events in the past and their impact till this day.

Our conception happened under various circumstances with: love, passion, force. This and the social environment influenced our lives.

We lived with it; and the result is visible in many different fates.

We lived under different circumstances than our peers who lived with the love of their mothers and relatives without any disadvantages. We experienced discrimination and disregard, were unloved, handed over to relatives, and were adopted or handed into orphanages.

Somehow we always remained the “Russian children,” who at some point had to be able to cope with this information. We heard it from members of our family, peers, in school …

This sentence “You are a Russian child!” always sounded mysterious.

Our reactions were different. We questioned what it meant, were afraid, and developed complexes, inferiority feelings, curiosity, or pride.

We are older now. What remains of our origin?

First of all, we remained the “Russian children” for the fellow citizens of our generation. This has consequences down to the present.

What can we pass on to today’s generation as an experience from our origin and our life?

How can we help our “Russian children” who still suffer till today?

We pass into memories. As children of war, we realize: wars will always exist; also with the consequences we experienced.

Finally we aim for the notion of reconciliation between nations, generations and within families.

In order to be working effectively, we founded the association

Russenkinder” (Russian children).

We ask good willed people to support us, either via membership or contributions, through material or financial assistance.

Read our pages, learn to understand us and help us with our proposal!


The Russian children

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