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The preoccupation with the peoples of our fathers
From the beginning our association has seen two main issues - firstly the search for the fathers and secondly dealing with the peoples they come from. I myself have always taken this point for granted. I have been a member of the German-Kazakh Society for over 20 years.
I drove to the Soviet Union several times during the GDR period. After I found my family in Kazakhstan, that country became the focus. I was warmly welcomed not only by the family but also by the people I met.
And so it is no wonder that Kazakh events are featured here on the website.
You too can report them. They are published.
One of the most important men in Kazakh history was Abai Qunanbajuly. He was not just a poet, but composed music for his own poems, and dealt with philosophical and social issues. Since he was born 175 years ago, several events were held in his honor this year.
The Kazakh embassy hosted a film screening in the Zoopalast in Berlin.

In the photo the Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan H.E. Dauren Karipov
The film dealt with the role his father played in society and had influenced him, Abai, in his development.

Anatoly Rothe October 9, 2020